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Private lessons:
17 500 HUF/90 mins/person

Learning online:
17 500 HUF/90 mins/person for private lessons

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About the lenght of courses

Personalized method should and always will be the focus of private teaching. As opposed to language schools and bigger learning societies, we will not step further until you get the right and necessary knowledge of a certain language segment. What knowledge do I mean?  This is also defined only by you and me.

According to the past years’ experience, the length of learning mostly equals to the means of the Common European Framework of Reference, plus the occasions you personally need to get for your own sake of improvement.

This means 3 to 5 months for one level, if you come two times a week (or for one bigger block per week), according to your capacity.

3 months is the shortest length for those who can practice day by day, and are very aware of language proficiency.

One month is also possible, in case of having high pressure, good capacities that meet strong motivation, or the simple fact that you have a lot of free time, and the capability to have lessons day by day.

Well, this meets the purpose of the Common European Framework of Reference, also!

Adjusting the course to your needs and schedule doesn’t mean the lack of planning and organising.

One lesson equals to 2 lessons at a language school, so you can upgrade your knowledge for a higher level in about 50 lessons!

For one last advantage, you don’t have to pay at once for the whole course: we start with monthly, or 2 to 4 occasions, and you stay until you are please with your Hungarian. Paying for the lessons happen in advance and periodically according to our arrangement!