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Your first lesson (90 minutes) is absolutely FREE, you don’t risk anything!

Learning Hungarian with a private teacher is more effective than in a language school

The course plan is adjusted to YOUR very own needs, not the other way around

Your Hungarian teacher is native, professional Hungarian as a second language teacher

You can also start learning Hungarian in small private groups of maximum 4 persons

Learn Hungarian in a beautiful environment in the hills of Buda

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Testimonials by some of my lovely students:

  • Bob Kneller

    My daughter and I studied together with Eva for two weeks. The online lessons were great. Eva was enthusiastic, well prepared and flexible in scheduling lessons. She asked us questions and guided us through responses, which built up our listening and conversational skills. Two weeks is such a short time, but we wanted to learn as much Hungarian as we could when we were in the Budapest together. Eva really helped us towards this goal. We hope to study with her again.
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  • Casey Goff

    Part language teacher, part language psychologist, Éva has helped me progress in my language learning by leaps and bounds. She has the right amount of "You can do this" mixed with "You are capable of more." Instead of calling out deficiencies in demoralizing ways or ignoring obvious gaps, Éva was able to help me move forward at a brisk, but not overwhelming pace. Her methods incorporated the real life schedule of a busy ex-pat without moving away from an appropriate time table for language acquisition. The time and money invested in my language learning with Éva was time and money well spent.
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  • Daniel Bevan

    Éva is an exceptional teacher and makes the lessons interesting and fun. I would highly recommend anyone looking to learn Hungarian to take lessons with Éva
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  • Sandor Poda

    Communication and talking, basic conversations were most important at the lessons – for the first time I feel like I really learnt some useful stuff.
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  • Jenny Richardson

    When I go to our lessons, I feel like I am meeting a very good friend 🙂
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  • Niquen Park

    I was always bad at grammar and languages, but Évi is really patient with me and she speaks very clearly. I still make mistakes, but now I see the structure better and I am not afraid to talk, which is the best result for me ever!
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They say Hungarian is difficult. Don’t you believe it!

I am sure you have noticed that Hungarian is nothing like any other language in Europe. Since it does not resemble Germanic, Latin or Slavic languages, people who attempt to learn it would call Hungarian difficult. But what this only shows is that it’s different, not difficult. You’ll be forced to really think outside the box, sure, but is it mission impossible? Not in the slightest.
Hungarian is part of the Finnougrian language family and uses no genders (phew!). However it adjusts affixes and in divides definite and indefinite conjugation. So you can state that Hungarian differs in its grammar from most languages. All these possibly unfamiliar elements in Hungarian structure originate from a different language philosophy. This is also the reason why learning Hungarian can enrich you in more ways than simply speaking a new language.

Challenge or self discovery?

When you speak another language, you also start to think in another language, maybe even have a different voice when pronouncing. Studies have shown that alternative parts of the brain might activate when speaking your native and when speaking foreign languages. The amount of difference depends on how much you need to “rewire” your brain, how many new moves it takes to learn from this language. Well, Hungarian has quite a few tricks to teach your hypothalamus.
You can exercise pronouncing new sounds, understanding new shades of a certain expression, or deducting the meaning of a slang phrase on your own. I won’t lie, you will need to hit the books from time to time. But why not try and watch your favorite series dubbed in Hungarian with subtitles? The key is not to let yourself despair and find the enjoyment in this wonderful experience.

Keep up a good attitude

Many people who come to me tried learning Hungarian before and felt they were not making any progress. Even those who already had experience in mastering a second or even third language could feel they are not getting anywhere with Hungarian. Don’t worry, you’re not doing anything wrong. In fact, you’re probably doing just fine. Thing is Hungarian is also different in it’s learning curve.
While English allows you to get to a casual conversation quite quickly and becomes tough when you try to entangle all those wonderful tenses, Hungarian starts with the grammar part since you need it for even as basic as saying hello. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you! Not just with explaining the grammar, but by monitoring your knowledge and skills to reassure you that you are making progress. The right mindset is taking it day by day. A bit similar to yoga: never rush yourself, just practice consistently and don’t give up. You could say that in a sense, learning Hungarian helps build character.
So you see studying Hungarian is about so much more than vocabulary exercises, learning words, or burning the midnight oil over grammar sheets. It’s up to you how quickly you want to accomplish learning Hungarian and how you want to have your lessons. Just pick a time and method that is most suitable for you! I am happy to see you progress in any case and am looking forward to getting to know you in the process!